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JACKED: A Novel of the Apocalypse - by Lee Lambert

Meet Captain Owen Mitchell, Chaplain, Canadian Forces.

It’s the end of the world, and an over-stressed, asthmatic army padre has a brilliant idea to keep the survivors safe from the hordes of infected. This should make him happy—if he survives the night.

The helicopter carrying Padre Mitchell’s commanding officer has been brought down by high winds, twenty-seven kilometres inside the infected zone. The rescue helicopters are overloaded, so Mitchell and five other soldiers must stay behind.

With a late-summer storm breaking and all flights grounded, these six are running for their lives. If they don’t make it to the Stop-Line at Arnprior by first light, they won’t make it at all.

JACKED is a story of courage and determination in the face of chaos.


Trade Paperback, 256 pages, English - $15.95 US, $16.95 CA (availalble soon)
 ISBN: 978-0-9866443-7-5


EBook, approx. 73,000 words, English - $2.99
eISBN: 978-0-9866443-8-2

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William Bradshaw, King of the Goblinsby Arthur Daigle 

There's a new King in town!

That's the good news. The bad news is that Will Bradshaw has problems. He's new on the job but he's already made enemies with a fire-breathing dragon. His friends are not much help: goblins whose favourite pastime is messing things up, trolls with anger management issues, an over-achieving fire-sceptre, and an un-cooperative magic mirror.


Aside from that, all Will has to worry about is a war. And that's the trouble. Throughout recorded history the goblins have never won a battle, let alone a war. But things are going to be different this time. William Bradshaw is determined to win, using every means at his disposal, including stealth, subterfuge and exploding outhouses.



Quite simply, this is a book that will make you laugh and laugh.


Trade Paperback, 268 pages, English - $15.95 US, $16.95 CA

ISBN: 978-0-9866443-5-1


EBook, approx. 78,000 words, English - $2.99

eISBN: 978-0-9866443-6-8


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 ALIEN STALKER - by C.A. Dawson 

Just released in trade paperback! This fast-paced action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The last Yaka, survivor of a terrifying killer race, has arrived on Earth. Possessing the ability to shape-shift into any intelligent life form it has ever touched, this fearsome assassin can change into a thousand different, and sometimes lethal, beings.

A hunter has also arrived in pursuit. The Yaka is here to reseed its race. Krinof Koblin is here to stop it!

Read an excerpt from Alien Stalker, by C.A. Dawson

ISBN-13: 978-0-9866443-4-4
Trade Paperback, 370 pp, $18.95 US, 19.95 CA
Ebook (Kindle): $2.99 US


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CACIN by C.A. Dawson
The first book in the Bride Quest Trilogy.

A terrifying tale of invasion!

A telepathic, telekinetic alien species invades Earth on a Bride Quest that, if successful, will mean the end of humankind. Hillary Bopal, chosen by the Gron’dalin king to be his mate, has resisted his mind controlling influence more effectively than any female in the history of these aliens. In the process she angers him so much that he breaks with tradition and travels alone across the universe to physically confine her.

But Hillary isn’t the only human female at risk. An armada with tens of thousands of their elite is on the way; behind them ships bearing millions of Nationals.

Is there a hope of saving Earth's inhabitants?

One man, one lone doctor treating Hillary for injuries sustained while fleeing this creature, stands between total annihilation and the continuation of our species.

Read an excerpt from Cacin, by C.A. Dawson

ISBN-13: 978-0986644306
Trade Paperback, 344 pp, $18.95 US, 19.95 CA
Ebook (Kindle, epub): $2.99 US

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 FROZEN IN TIME by C.A. Dawson

The search is on! Once the centre of advanced technology, Phile has suffered the depredations of the tyrant, Grat. Yet the Gridian people remain committed to ridding their world of the invaders.

The rebellion has a new leader in Flannery Wosk, but before he can lead, Wosk must overcome his own pain at his years of inaction. The rebellion can only succeed if the rightful heir to the Gridian throne can be found in a perilous race against time between the rebels, Grat's fleet, a traitor and a murderous spy.

C.A. Dawson creates a tapestry of far-off worlds, rich characters, emotional reawakening and heroism in the grand SF tradition. FROZEN IN TIME will be sure to delight readers of all ages. 

Read an excerpt from Frozen In Time, by C.A. Dawson

ISBN-13: 978-0986644313
Trade Paperback, 356 pp, $18.95 US, 19.95 CA
Ebook (Kindle, epub): $2.99 US

 FROZEN IN TIME is available from: - Amazon - Barnes& - Smashwords - Kobo  - and other online retailers.